Would you like to help us?

Would you like to be a Sponsor?

There are many ways to help!

Your financial support is needed for:

  •  Organizational operations
  • Maintenance of facilities
  • Materials Office supplies
  • Printing Computer equipment maintenance
  • Workshops
  • Scholarships for needy children
  • Early childhood education
  • Physical rehabilitation therapy
  • Summer camp
  • Breakfasts for children
  • Holiday parties (Christmas, children’s day, others.)
  • The training center
  • Cleaning supplies 



If your time allows you can help by:

  • Organizing events
  • Attending celebrations and other events. 


And in many more ways!

Another way to help

FANE Bracelet:



Introspecciones (Spanish Edition):



Author: Juan José Marín Fimbres

By buying this book you will be supporting the foundation and likewise the local talent.

Who  is a Sponsor?


Our sponsors are individuals with a great sense of humanity who are willing to support our cause financially or in-kind without any economic gain.
The staff at FANE wishes to extend to you the warmest welcome and appreciation for your consideration of becoming one of our sponsors and joining us in our daily efforts to improve the quality of life of children with special needs (related to a disability or not) and their families.
We are confident that by helping this noble cause, you will obtain a priceless reward, the knowledge that your support gives parents a glimmer of hope that their children will have a better life and a promising future.
Thanks to you, our sponsors, we have been able to grow and serve even more (principally low-income) children, every day; who, given their situation, have less opportunities to access the enabling and rehabilitative services they need to integrate into society on equal footing.

To you our sincere thanks!