President's Message

My fulfilling and positive experience as the mother of a child with a disability made me feel a great responsibility to share my experiences and knowledge with other families like mine; those who suddenly find themselves in a situation that is seemingly remote, having a child with special needs.

I have devoted much of my life to volunteer for the cause based on the conviction that a well-structured and educated family is the best chance a child with special needs has for achieving their full potential. It also allows the opportunity for them to play a role in improving their own lives that I fully believe, despite being full of challenges, are also brimming with successes.

As president of Fundación de Apoyo para Niños Especiales, A.C. (FANE), and on behalf of its great team, we thank you for your interest in learning more about our work and hope that you join us and support our cause—financially or in-kind—to help extend our services to reach more families in need, thus assuring that our collective efforts continue bearing fruit and allowing our mission—which is rich in its humanity—to remain relevant.

“When I was told my son had cerebral palsy, I felt as if my ears listened but my heart stopped beating”.

Karla Carrillo Barragan 1970